Few Basic Solutions

We're moving

During a move, it’s important to keep Kitty’s stress to a minimum. Ideally, you should empty a room and put the cat in it along with food, water, a litterbox and toys. This way, the many comings and goings won’t stress it out too much. Kitty can leave the room once the movers and helpers have left the "old" house.

Once at the new house, isolate the cat in an empty room with all the fixings, or in a room where all the furniture has already been set up, such as a bedroom. Again, the aim is to reduce the cat’s stress with all the hubbub, and lower the risk that Kitty flee through an open door… Too many cats are lost during moves.

Once all or most of the furniture is in place, Kitty can come out of the room. You could put some treats around the house before letting the cat out. Let the cat visit the house on its own, room by room.

For more information about carrier transport, see the column about "Reducing stress during transportation".

Preparing your companion’s arrival in his new home is way worth the time and energy spent and your friend will undoubtedly be grateful for it! 

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