Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that one day, the vast majority of people will understand their cat and their needs and live in harmony with them.

Are you having problems with your kitten or cat?

Does your cat urinate out of its litter box? He attacks your dog, your cat or visitors or is aggressive towards you? He meows at night as if his life depended on it and wakes you up every time? Does he scratch your leather sofas and couches? Many cats are euthanized and abandoned each year for similar reasons, but the majority of these behavioural problems are easily resolved through our consultations, training courses and conferences.

Since 2006, the Cat Educator team uses its expertise and experience in feline behaviour when consulting in problem-solving and public education to ensure the harmonious development of the relationship between cats and their owners. Consequently, this helps to reduce the number of euthanasia and abandonments caused by behavioural problems.

Cat Educator is there to help you understand and solve your cat’s behavioural problems through various services

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All the necessary information about consultations.
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Training and conferences

Public lectures, advanced training and training for health professionals.

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Pet sitting and other services

At-home pet sitting and pet walking services for your cats and dogs.

3 articles to read to avoid or solve a behavioural problem in your cat

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Who is Cat Educator,
nos services, our services, our mission, our purpose

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They live in harmony with their cats

  • Catherine Legaré Merci à Morgane qui m'a aidée et appuyée dans la démarche de cohabitation avec mes deux chats qui se sont agressés violemment après 4 ans et demi de vie commune (et qui ne voulaient plus du tout vivre ensemble). Je reprends tranquillement ma qualité de vie et mes chats aussi. Merci énormément.
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    Catherine Légaré
  • Esté Fanitta Quelle formation intéressante, hier! J'ai vraiment appris beaucoup! Merci de rester à l'affût des nouvelles connaissances et études sur le comportement félin! 🖤
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    Este Fanitta
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    témoin facbookDes gens passionnés et très professionnels qui ont a 🖤 nos minous. Je recommande sans aucune hésitation 😺 voir sur Facebook.  ... Consultez Tous nos témoignages 
    Julie Anne
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    Alice CaronJe remercie Educhateur, pour les travaux exécutés sur mon chat, nous sommes extrèmement satisfait et je le recommande fortement!  ceci est un exemple de témoignage consultable sur le site d origine , malheureusement éduchateur n'a pas de témoignage sur google  voir sur google
    Alice Caron